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Мемори - игра развивающая память

Производитель: Irina Schens
Поддерживаемые языки: английский
Поддерживаемые устройства: Требуется iOS 4.3 или более поздняя версия. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch. Это приложение оптимизировано для iPhone 5.
Просмотров: 314

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Описание к Мемори - игра развивающая память:

✮✮✮✮✮ "Just must have! It's really great."
✮✮✮✮✮ "Excellent game my daughter loves it."

This is very cute and funny matching cards game with many different colorful and vivid balls which your child will definitely love. This game is the best way to engage your kids and in parallel to train their brain and concentration ability. With three levels of difficulty the complexity of the game can be adjusted accordingly to the age and skills of your kid.

• How to play:
Initially you will see all cards turned face down. Tap on one of the card and remember the picture on it. With the next tap try to find and flip the card with the same picture as previous one. If the pictures on the both cards will be the same they will stay opened and you can continue with the next pair. Otherwise both cards will flip back over and you will get another try. Try to find all matching cards pairs with few clicks and time as possible to get more scores.

• Game modes:
Depending from the age and skills of your kids, the complexity of the matching cards game can be adjusted between six, twelve and twenty-four for iPad or twenty for iPhone cards. There is also possibility to define the type of the matching cards which will appears - there are card sets like Unicolor, Multicolor, Mosaic, Smiles, Buttons, Egg Animals, Egg Professions and Mixed Cards Sets. At the end of each game the name of the player and actual result can be saved in the score table, or saving can be skipped completely - for example if you are not happy with achieved result - in this case just new game can be started.

• Available Cards Sets:
1. Unicolor - for FREE!
2. Multicolor - for FREE!
3. Mosaic - for FREE!
4. Multicolor Plus - for $0.99
5. Smiles - for $1.99
6. Buttons - for $0.99
7. Egg Animals - for $0.99
8. Egg Professions - for $0.99
9. Mixed mode - for $0.99
10. All expansion packs - for $2.99 only!

• Features
✓ simple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy to play
✓ colorful and lovely handmade artwork, specially designed for kids and toddlers
✓ retina display graphics support on iPhone
✓ HD graphics support on iPad and iPad 2
✓ 3 levels of difficulty with 2x3, 3x4 and 4x6 cards
✓ tracking of the High Scores in the local Result Table and in the Game Center
✓ iPhone 5 resolution support and iOS 6 integration

• Benefits
✓ visual challenges and brain training
✓ increasing of short term remembrance
✓ concentration improvement
✓ developing of the cognition skills

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